Milwaukee Community Justice Council

About the MCJC


The Milwaukee Community Justice Council works collaboratively to ensure a fair, efficient and effective justice system that enhances public safety and quality of life in our community.


A justice system that is a national model in the timely and fair administration of justice by the wise use of resources and is built on the commitment to develop and use best practices.  This system will reflect an actively engaged community and inspire public confidence.


On behalf of the Milwaukee Community Justice Council (MCJC, or commonly referred to as “the CJC,”), welcome to our website.

In partnership with one another and the greater community, we strive to ensure a fair, efficient, and effective criminal justice system that enhances public safety and quality of life in our community. We hope this website serves as a tool for you to explore, ask questions, and learn about the collaborative work underway.

The CJC was created by the Milwaukee County Board in 2007. We celebrate this 15+ year milestone by reflecting upon the transformative, collaborative change and strong relationships that have occurred as a result of this collaboration. A timeline of collaborative, local system change can be found here.

As a body of leaders, we value community input and participation in all levels of criminal justice priority setting and discussion. Please use this site as an opportunity to learn more, get involved, and productively engage with us. We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Milwaukee Community Justice Council


633 West Wisconsin Avenue - Suite 409, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53203

Mandy Potapenko, Director

(414) 435-1250




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