If you witness any of the behaviors or activities listed to the right, report it one of two ways:

Report suspicious activity by phone

By Phone

Report suspicious activity online

By Email


If You See Something Say Something

If You See Something, Say Something’ initiative and public safety program

WSIC - Privacy, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties

WSIC is committed to the deterrence, prevention, and mitigation of criminal and terrorist threats to the homeland, while protecting the privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties of U.S. Citizens. The United States Constitution, among other things, guarantees the freedoms of speech, press, religion, and assembly, as well as rights to privacy, due process, and the equal protection of the laws. WSIC takes these rights very seriously and has instituted a Privacy Policy to ensure the responsible and legal compilation and use of criminal intelligence information. This Privacy Policy is an integral part of WSIC’s mission to gather, process, analyze and share information of crimes and hazards threatening the people and facilities of the State of Wisconsin and the United States.


Privacy Policy



More Resources:

Recommendations for First Amendment-Protected Events for State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies   (USDOJ/USDHS, Dec. 2011) 

Developing a Policy on the Use of Social Media in Intelligence and Investigative Activities
     (USDOJ/USDHS, Feb. 2013)


Fusion Center Guidelines, Developing and Sharing Information and Intelligence in a New Era
     (USDOJ/USDHS, Aug. 2006)


Information Sharing Environment

Office of Justice Programs

National Criminal Intelligence Resource Center

Inquiries, complaints, and other issues related to the Privacy, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties practices and policies of WSIC may be directed to WSIC’s Privacy Officer, Assistant Attorney General Daniel Lennington, 17 W. Main Street, Madison, WI 53707, 608-267-8901 or 608-267-8901.