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Our Mission


The purpose of the County Arts Program, as provided in the County Board resolution establishing CAMPAC, is to serve as a public sector source of support for various cultural, artistic and musical organizations and individuals providing a variety of artistic genres and styles designed to reach a broad range of the County's residents, including those of different economic, social, ethnic, racial, age and neighborhood backgrounds.

To accomplish this purpose, the program has the following objectives:

  • To provide support for arts organizations in order to improve their financial stability, encourage the development of other resources, enhance management capacity and achieve or sustain growth in the artistic quality of their programs;
  • To assure broad public access to a full range of artistic genres for all County residents, particularly those whose financial resources are limited, who live in more restricted settings, or who are otherwise limited by reason of age or handicapping conditions;
  • To promote the creative growth and development of local individual artists and;
  • To encourage the maximum usage of County-owned arts facilities.

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