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2022 CJC Community Subgrants

The Milwaukee Community Justice Council (CJC) issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) on October 8th, 2021, to fund initiatives led by non-governmental, grassroots organizations focused on:

  • Reducing and/or preventing criminal legal system involvement;
  • Promoting racial equity;
  • Engaging communities impacted by the criminal legal system; and,
  • Addressing the public health goals identified in the City of Milwaukee Blueprint for Peace.

Award Amounts: A minimum of 4 awards will be made, with a maximum amount of $34,500 each.

Proposals Due: Friday, November 5th, 2021 at 4:30PM (Central Standard Time)

Eligibility: Applicants must be a non-governmental agency or organization located in Milwaukee County. Applicants may use a fiscal agent; however, the fiscal agent must supply a letter of support for the application.

Proposed projects do not have to be new; existing projects are eligible for funding.

The award cannot be used for research and shall be public service based. Funding cannot be used to carry on propaganda, to lobby or otherwise attempt to influence legislation, or to conduct any activities described in Sections 4945(d)(1) and (e) of the United States Internal Revenue Code and the Treasury Regulations thereunder.

Funding Timeline: One-year grant awards, with contracts beginning January 3rd, 2022 and ending December 31st, 2022.

How to Apply: The application process has three parts.

  1. Application Form (Submit via SurveyMonkey)
  2. Project Budget & Budget Narrative (Submit via email to
  3. Letter of Support from Fiscal Agent (if applicable) (Submit via email to

Applications will be scored according to this rubric

Information Session: An optional information session was held on Wednesday, October 20th, 2021, via Zoom. Email to request a recording or transcript of the information session.


Additional questions regarding the funding opportunity can be submitted here.

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  Materials for Review

  Questions and Responses

1. Does the project have to meet all four criteria or just one of the four?  

Priority will be given to projects that meet all four criteria: (1) reduce and/or prevent criminal legal system involvement, (2) promote racial equity, (3) engage communities impacted by the criminal legal system, and (4) address the public health goals outlined in the City of Milwaukee’s Blueprint for Peace.

Per the RFP, however, “the CJC reserves the right to continue the evaluation of the proposals that most closely meet the required components of this RFP.” Applicants who do not meet all four criteria can still apply and be considered in the event that other proposals do not meet the required RFP components. 

2. For the budget/budget narrative, should we submit it as a PDF?

To avoid formatting issues that can occur in word processing software, PDF format is the preferred file format for budget/budget narrative submissions. 

3. Are there word/character limits for application answers?

There are no word or character limits for application responses; however, applicants should note that a longer answer is not always a better answer. Applications should only provide as much information as necessary to thoroughly but succinctly answer each question.

4. How are you considering this project in relation to the State funding for anti-violence work?

The recently announced violence prevention funding from the State of Wisconsin and the CJC Community Subgrants are separate but parallel efforts to support a community-based, public health response to public safety. 

This subgrant opportunity represents an investment by the CJC to share tangible resources with the broader community and recognize that system stakeholders alone cannot advance reform. With these subgrants, the CJC aims to acknowledge and support organizations in our community who are doing critical work that advances the goals of the Safety and Justice Challenge, a CJC-led initiative in Milwaukee County.

5. How does the CJC feel about faith-based initiatives?

Faith-based organizations are a valuable part of our community. As such, the CJC will accept applications from faith-based initiatives. 

6. When incorporating calculating FTE for staff members, do we only calculate the hours that staff work related to the project in proposal?

Yes, applicants should only include subgrant-funded hours for the FTE calculations in the budget/budget narrative documents.

7. Is there a maximum % or guidelines with regards to any of the budget categories?

Per County guidelines, the indirect/administrative rate is capped at 12%. The CJC will adhere to federal per diem rules, which are accessible online. Travel will be reimbursed at the County rate (.51/mile). 

8. Is there a list of the application questions?  

A full PDF version of the SurveyMonkey grant application is available through this link. Applicants should submit their application through the SurveyMonkey website; paper application submissions will not be accepted.

9. Where can we find the application rubric?

The Review Panel will use this linked rubric to rank proposals. 

10. How do we get your email address?

Please use for RFP-related questions and inquiries.

11. Are other legal entities acceptable for funding (besides 501c3)?

Yes, but please contact for further information

12. Does the proposal need to fund a specific project, or can it be used to fund general operating expenses?

We want to fund a project, not just general operating expenses.

CJC Community Subgrants are made possible by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and its Safety and Justice Challenge (SJC) initiative, a nationwide effort to change the way America thinks about and uses jails. Milwaukee County joined the SJC Network in 2016. The network is now composed of 51 jurisdictions across 32 states that are launching strategies to prevent over-reliance on local jails, reduce racial and ethnic disparities in the criminal legal system, and engage community members in systems reform. Visit our SJC webpage for more information on Milwaukee County's partnership with MacArthur Foundation. 

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