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Milwaukee Reentry Council

Subcommittee of the Milwaukee Community Justice Council

  • Overview, Purpose, and Goals

The Milwaukee Reentry Council is a community-member facilitated, reentry committee created by the Milwaukee Community Justice Council in late 2016.  The Reentry Council is comprised of multi-sector entities and reentry advocates working together to better serve populations reentering the community from periods of incarceration (both jail and prison).



The purpose of the Milwaukee Reentry Council is to strengthen the collaboration amongst individuals and agencies working to support invidiuals returning to the community from periods of incarceration and/or involvement in the criminal justice system.  As a collective, we are better suited to align services and practices in a way that supports indiviudals, reduces recidivism, and disrupts cycles of incarceration and victimization.


Identified Goal(s)

(SmartReentry) Reduce recidivism in Milwaukee by 50% within 5 years, by broadening and deepening community engagement and commitment to this work.


Committee Meeting Facilitator

Conor Williams, Public Policy Institute, Community Advocates


Other Opportunities to Get Involved

Reentry Healthcare Task Force - led by Lars Brown (Department of Corrections), and Jennie Sevenich (Progressive Community Health Care)

Reentry Housing Task Force - led by Julie Kerksick (Public Policy Institute, Community Advocates)

Circles of Support - led by Conor Williams (Public Policy Institute, Community Advocates)

"Home to Stay" - Monthly, Reentry Resource Fairs - John Thomas (Department of Workforce Development) -

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Milwaukee Community Justice Council


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Mandy Potapenko, Director

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