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Meet CJC Trinity Fellow - Christiana Robinson


September 14, 2021 — Hello, my name is Christiana Robinson, and I am currently enrolled in my last semester (Senior Year) at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. I am a Criminology major with a minor in Dance. I’m excited to spend my last semester serving as an intern for the Milwaukee Community Justice Council so that I can gain the needed experience to begin a career after graduation.

My career aspirations are still very broad – it is my hope that while serving as an intern I can learn more about my options and observe the roles and job opportunities that fall under the umbrella of community justice.

What I can say is that after much research and study of the field, I am most interested learning about the alternative programs that can be most impactful in the decrease of recidivism and overall reintegration into the community. Understanding that each case is independently evaluated based on the nature of the circumstances and an individual's characteristics, I’m curious to learn what methods and protocols are used to be the determinant of these outcomes.

I am most impressed with the Safety and Justice Challenge within the Milwaukee Community Justice Council. I already understand that it is implemented to protect those who are seen to have no need to be incarcerated. Mental health needs are most concerning and it’s great to see resources being shared to accommodate the needs of identified persons which can stem from early childhood and are ignored in most cases.

I look forward to working alongside the council as an intern this fall semester and being able to study further into why people offend in the first place, how to handle disciplinary action, and from here being able to assist in personal growth, while protecting their character from discrimination and dishonest judgement.

In service,

Christiana I. Robinson

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