WPF Partnership

Effective January 1, 2018, the Public Policy Forum and Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance merged to create the Wisconsin Policy Forum (WPF), a statewide policy research organization with offices in Milwaukee and Madison. Going forward, Wisconsin Policy Forum will maintain the shared mission of providing informed, nonpartisan analysis of critical policy issues affecting local governments, school districts, and the State of Wisconsin. This merger serves to increase staff capacity, broaden research capabilities, and create an enhanced platform to even better engage and inform policymakers and citizens.

The Forum assists the Community Justice Council by housing the CJC Director's position and offering its assistance to the Council as its research arm. The Forum is providing its team of qualified, non-partisan policy researchers to attend Council Executive Committee Meetings and research issues and ideas that the committee wishes to evaluate or pursue as potential means to enhance pubic safety and/or improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the various components of our criminal justice system.

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Select Publications:

  • Marijuana in Milwaukee: An overview of municipal marijuana policy in Milwaukee and other U.S. cities - May 2015
  • Fiscal Analysis of Mental Health Redesign in Milwaukee County - March 2015
  • Milwaukee County 2015 Executive Budget - October 2014
  • 2015 Proposed City of Milwaukee Budget - October 2014
  • Milwaukee County Detainee Populations at Historic Lows: Why is it happening and what does it mean? - June 2011
  • The People Speak Poll: State Budget Issues top list of concerns - March 2011
  • Milwaukee County Election Brief: Framing the key issues for voters and candidates - January 2011
  • Tracking Local Government: Monitoring performance data trends - December 2010
  • Exploring the potential for structural reform in Milwaukee County Government - January 2010
  • An overview of Master Planning for Jail Population Management - May 2009
  • Universal Screen Research Summary - July 2008
  • CCC Inmate Population - June 2008
  • Work Release - Decision Tree - April 2008
  • Work Release - Research Summary - April 2008
  • Proposal for the Justice Council - March 2008



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