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Atty. Kyla Motz  Freund Law Office


Despite being a recent Marquette Law graduate, Kyla Motz is an MJC veteran. Originally a Political Science major and scholarship track athlete at Illinois Wesleyan University, she decided to take up the law after serving on jury duty, and deciding she would enjoy a career in the law. She started at the MJC in June 2012, her 1L summer. 

Kyla recently accepted a position with a bankruptcy firm in Eau Claire.

What brought you to the Milwaukee Justice Center?

At first, it was because it was conveniently located, to be honest. But once I got here, it was one of the places I enjoyed most since you got actual human contact instead of just watching an attorney do things.

What has kept you coming back for so long?

First of all, I really love the people here. The staff here, they’re all great.

And it’s a really great service. At its best, it helps people help themselves, and we empower them to get through the court successfully. It feels good when you help someone and you’ve left them better than you found them.

What's been your most rewarding experience at the MJC?

We had a woman come in who was a victim of domestic violence. She was in a really bad situation. She made next to nothing, but not nothing enough to qualify for other services.

I helped her with both parts of her divorce, and I felt like it was a really positive thing in her life. Usually, divorce isn’t a positive thing, but for her, it was. It felt like exactly what we are supposed to do here.

What's been the biggest challenge you've faced here?

I think the biggest challenges are the people you just can’t help. The people you tell, “you can fill this form out, but it just won’t do anything for you.”

And then the people who either need better or want better, and we just cannot accommodate what they need.

What else should we know about you?  

I have bowled a 300 game three times in my life. Not kidding. That’s real. I also had a time where I bowled sixteen strikes in a row. That wasn’t one of those 300 games, though, since it started in the middle of one game and carried over into the next.

Basically, you should go bowling with me! 





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