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Every year, the Milwaukee Justice Center (MJC) serves thousands of self-represented litigants through the Self-Help Desks and the Brief Legal Advice & Referral Clinics. In order to give you a better understanding of what a volunteer experience with the Milwaukee Justice Center is like, some of our volunteers have shared their experiences with you.

Here is what our volunteers had to say about their
experience volunteering with the MJC:

“I have been fortunate enough to be part of both the Milwaukee Justice Center's Self-Help Clinic as well as the Brief Legal Advice & Referral Clinic.  Both initiatives provide an incredible opportunity for Milwaukee attorneys to give back to this community. The Milwaukee Justice Center provides help in several crucial legal areas to community members who cannot afford an attorney.  Those community members who previously were overwhelmed by the legal system now have somewhere to turn for guidance and help.”

- Andrew, Attorney (Self-Help Desk & Brief Legal Advice)


“My experience at the Milwaukee Justice Center has been very positive! The training was very good and professional. Amy is always available to answer questions and help!”

- Volunteer, Paralegal (Self-Help Desk)


Volunteering for the Brief Legal Advice & Referral Clinic is a wonderful experience. It is a great way to give back and really feel like you are helping people who have real world problems. My area of practice is corporate law and while I find it rewarding, I find great pleasure in volunteering and helping people with their legal problems, that is why I do it. Additionally, with the full schedules that lawyers have, the Clinic allows for a practical volunteering experience because it enables realistic time commitments. As a result I am able to find time in my schedule to volunteer, and I benefit greatly from that. I always walk out of the Clinic feeling like I really helped someone.” 

- Meredith, Attorney (Brief Legal Advice Clinic)


"I volunteer at the Self-Help Clinic, and over time have become familiar with the services that the MJC provides, and have learned how to communicate complex concepts to our clients and in a way that they can understand. The information we provide here is very applicable, from how to fill out forms to important details about in-court functions. By volunteering at the MJC, I have gained practical knowledge and many skills that I will use in the future. The experience is great in that everyone is extremely grateful, and I leave after volunteering feeling appreciated."

- Stacie, Law Student (Self-Help Desk)


“Volunteering for the Brief Legal Advice & Referral Clinic is very enjoyable. At first I didn’t think it was something that I could do because I didn’t have experience with the type of legal issues dealt with at the Clinic, but I was convinced to try it and have been going ever since. I would recommend volunteering with the Clinic to any attorney.”

- Rebecca, Attorney (Brief Legal Advice Clinic)


“Volunteering at the Milwaukee Justice Center is a great opportunity to see the paperwork process that so many people have to go through on a daily basis. Before volunteering, I had no idea how much work goes into filling out all the necessary forms and navigating the civil legal system. It has been a great learning experience. And above that, it is a great opportunity to just help people first-hand.”

- Kat, Law Student (Self-Help Desk)

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