Small Claims


 1.) Would you like to file a small claims case ?

Here you will find the forms and step-by-step checklist needed to file a small claims case:

Types of small claims cases are:

Claim for money: Civil actions where the amount claimed is $10,000 or less, if the actions or proceedings are for money judgments only, or are for garnishment of wages.

Tort Actions: Where the amount claimed is $5,000 or less.

A tort is a wrongful act that injures someone, where the injured person may sue the person/business causing the injury for money damages. The injury may be to a person's body, property, buisness, reputation, or other interest. The act may be the result of carlessness (called "negligence") or may be intentional. A tort is different from a breach of contract or a crime.

Eviction actions: Actions for eviction regardless of the amount of rent claimed.

Replevins: Non-consumer credit actions for replevin (return of personal property) if the property claimed is $10,000 or less, or consumer credit transactions (for return of personal property that was the subject of a lease or credit from a dealer) when the amount financed is $25,000 or less.

Return of earnest money for purchase of real property

Action on an arbitration award for the purchase of real property

Eviction action due to foreclsoure.

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 2.) Are you trying to collect on a small claims judgment ?

You won a small claims case and want to collect.

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 3.) Do you want to file a garnishment ?

After you have won your small claims case you can file for garnishment to collect your money. Garnishment is having money taken out of the other party's paycheck or bank account and having it sent it to you. You must know where the other party works or banks before starting a garnishment.

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 4.) Do you need to satisfy a judgment ?

After the judgment is paid either party can file a notarized "Satisfaction of Judgment" form with the Milwaukee County Clerk of Circuit Court's office.

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 5.) Would you like to re-open a small claims case because you did not appear in court ?

If you failed to appear for your scheduled small claims court date: if you are the defendant a judgment may be entered against you; if you are the plaintiff, your case may have been dismissed. Generally, you may file a motion to reopen the case within 12 months of the judgment.

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 6.) Is somebody suing you, and you would like to respond and file a counterclaim ?

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 7.) Would you like more information about small claims ?

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 8.) Would you like help finding a lawyer ?

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